Interior Design | Film | Art Direction

Residential Living Room Interior Design
Architecture, Interior Design, Art Direction
Parpark - Editorial
Graphic Design, Photography, Art Direction
San Miguel Video - With Life Agency
Art Direction, Film, Storyboarding
Residential Interior Design & Photography
Photography, Art Direction
Personal Project: ZARA MAN
Photography, Art Direction, Fashion Styling
Title Sequence Animation : Sideman All Day & ZeZe Mills
Motion Graphics, Creative Direction, Animation
Northgate Kitchens: Promotional Video
Art Direction, Film, Interior Design
Album Artwork: Tim Victor Growing Pains
Graphic Design, Digital Art, Animation
Coca Cola x Vue | The Chill Zone Video
Art Direction, Photography, Film
MVIBE: Look Up Collection
Art Direction, Interior Design, Illustration
Tim Victor - Music Video
Art Direction, Film, Motion Graphics
Bacofoil at Good Food Show
Photography, Art Direction, Advertising
Shop Black Labels : Launch Content
Art Direction, Editing
Album Artist Artwork for Namiwa Jazz
Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Music
Erban Homes Promotional Video : An design-led company
Advertising, Film, Visual Effects
Odyssey Hotel Advertising Campaign - BHive 2015 Winner
Advertising, Digital Photography, Editorial Design
The Original Patty Co - Promotional Video
Art Direction, Advertising, Set Design
Personal Project Neuromancer - Title Sequence
Art Direction, Film, Photography
Mieleous: Youtube Opening Title Sequence Animation
Animation, Art Direction, Branding
Events Company | Animated Website Promo Video
Advertising, Animation, Editing
TrueMendous x Janel Antoneshia - Music Video
Art Direction, Music, Editing
Conversations Editorial Artwork
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
Adobe Student Profile Video
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography
I Am My Mothers Child - Poster Design
Art Direction, Digital Art, Graphic Design
MAIA Creatives - Poster Collection
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
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